The Acare-Natura brand


What choice would you make if you had to renovate a house:

  1. Improve the external and internal appearance of the house
  2. Strengthen the foundation
  3. Or do both

Suffering from acne, dryness and dull skin, Claudine, the creator of Acare-Natura, has tried everything to get rid of her skin problems. However, on the European cosmetics market, there are only treatment products, which even dry out the skin even more. Seeing people she knows in the same situation, who couldn't find suitable skin care products, she decided to create her own cosmetics that would not only do the job of treating, but also repair, strengthen and protect the skin's basic barrier.

After years of research and testing, the first face and body products were developed. Thus was born Acare-Natura.

The brand is first and foremost a desire to share simple cosmetic care with the skin's organ function in the foreground. The aim is to achieve healthy skin by focusing on the foundation, i.e. the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier helps to reinforce the skin's hydration because good hydration gives a luminous skin and fights against external aggressions.

Since then, the brand has been expanding and new products are being tested.


Acare-Natura aims to offer natural and semi-natural skincare products that respect the skin and time. Its goal: to allow all beauties to express themselves, with their qualities and imperfections, each at their own pace.


  • Exclusively vegetable components (butters, vegetable oils and essential oils) that are natural and derived from biotechnology
  • Composition certified by an official toxicologist
  • Verified sources
  • Paraben-free
  • No animal testing
  • Own production in small batches (no white labeling!), from formulation to packaging and manufacturing
  • Recyclable containers and packaging. Packaging chips made of corn.
  • Guaranteed traceability